Software/Apps – What is it? Hands on with and Review

What is is an innovative tool that lets you post to a social stream, communicate with other users, browse ad free streams, it lets developers write apps and tap into social graphs and more. has a bare interface, with four landing pages. You can view your personal stream, which includes your own posts, mentions, the global feed and posts from those you are following. There is also a profile page with a cover photo and avatar.

On, you can post up to 256 characters. This is almost twice the amount as Twitter. You can reply to other posts and users in a similar way to Twitter.

Who uses it? isnt exactly a mainstream social networking site just yet. Right now, it has a growing audience, but Twitter is still king. is seen to be more of a community, great for bloggers and those looking for informative news streams and quality posts. has far less spam than twitter, has no ads and a clean interface. It is a great social network for those who enjoy sharing posts, reading new things and keeping up to date with the world. is still under constant development, so expect it to gain popularity in the near future.

Is it free?

There is confusion as to whether or not is a free social networking site or a paid one. Well, it is both. You can sign up for free and use pretty much all the features and still browse ad free, or you can upgrade to a premium account for some extra features. is also available for iOS and Android on their respective app stores.

The future of is an exciting, innovative new way of social networking. It works similar to twitter, but maintains a much cleaner user interface. A free tier of has been released and you can still pay for a premium account.

If you remember back in the day when Twitter first started, its first users gained immense popularity. This is why I recommend signing up to, just in case it makes it as big as Twitter has.

But the bigger question is whether or not this will be the case. Does stand a chance against the twitter giant? I would say yes, given the spam covered state that twitter seems to have achieved. Twitter is a great social networking site, but having used I can honestly say which I prefer (

Soon could be the leader in social networking, particularly among blogging communities.

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