14 Apps Android Has That iOS Doesn’t

Here are 14 apps Android Has that iOS Doesn’t

1. App Lock Smart App Protector

App Lock is a great app that offers locking of key phone features, individual applications and files. This is a great app to keep things private and stop snoopy individuals from getting access to your secret files or apps. You can disable phone features based on where you are too via geofencing.

2. Timely

Timely is a superior alarm clock application that goes beyond a pretty user interface. You can set challenges for the snooze button to stop you from sleeping in too much, and you can even sync settings and alarms between devices using the cloud.

3. Flash

Believe it or not, Flash still plays a pretty big role on the internet. Apple will never implement Flash on iOS, but Android has for a while now. While even Adobe has lost interest in Flash, there are still circumstances where it comes in handy, like flash games for example.

4. Cover

iOS does not let you customize the lock screen. Android does, especially with apps like Cover. You can customize your lock screen so that it shows apps and notification depending on your location. For example, entertainment and social apps will show up at home while mail and work apps will show up at work. Pretty handy if you like a customized lock screen and definitely something for iOS users to be jealous of.

5. Go Launcher EX

iOS was a big update for Apple, changing the entire look of the OS. But Android users have always been able to customize the look of the Android OS with themes and launchers. Go Launcher EX is a great example of this, theming your Android launcher and giving the OS an entirely new look.

6. Locale

Locale works similar to the location awareness of Apple’s Do Not Disturb mode, but also can monitor battery life and turn off battery draining features when levels are low. You can set different settings for different locations. If you don’t need Bluetooth in a certain location, set it to automatically switch off when you reach that location.

7. NFC

Apple has never appreciated the potential of NFC and has instead gone for AirDrop. NFC apps probably won’t make it onto iOS anytime soon, if at all. Android users on the other hand can make full use of NFC features, like triggering certain actions in certain places. You can also share contacts and information, or trigger scripts.

8. BitCoin Apps

Apple recently got rid of a number of Bitcoin apps from the app store, annoying a whole bunch of users. Android on the other hand, is accepting the Bitcoin movement. There are a number of BitCoin counting and earning apps available on the Play store.

9. Tasker

Tasker is an advanced Android app that can do some really cool things. It works like the automator app on Mac computers, but for Android devices. You can set tasks to occur automatically after certain triggers or at certain times. Very handy for automating tasks.

10. Swype

You can’t change the Apple keyboard without a jailbreak. On Android you can download apps like Swype. This app lets you use your touch screen for scribbly input. It works great once you get the hang of it. There are also many other apps that allow you to change the keyboard layout and style.

11. Event Flow Calendar Widget

A great way to improve the Android lock screen, Event Flow Calander Widget lets you see your upcoming appointments, events, weather forecasts and more on your lock screen. You can also set a number of different home screen widgets.

12. DashClock Widget

Another lock screen changer, DashClock Widget lets you see the date, time, weather, unread messages and emails, missed calls, calendar events, battery percentage and more, all on your lock screen. There are also a huge range of extensions available on the Play Store. These include Facebook notifications, Feedly and even SnapChat alerts.

13. Aviate

Aviate lets you completely change the way you use your Android phone. It creates a whole new home screen that changes throughout the day and gives you the information you need based on the time, your location and other factors. This is a great app that can do things like provide you with information when you wake up, give you traffic alerts and directions, and even check out photos and reviews of local places of interest.

14. AirDroid

AirDrop lets you turn you Android device into a server that can be controlled from any web browser. Through a simple installation, you can do things like read and respond to messages, use apps, play media, manage files and more from the comfort of your browser. You can even take screenshots and use the camera.

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