DEWALT Bare-Tool DCS370B Band Saw Review

The DEWALT Bare-Tool DCS370B Band Saw is designed to give you superior performance, balance, and good ergonomics – leading to cuts that are more accurate and with lesser fatigue. In addition, it includes a blade tracking adjustment for increasing the lifespan of the blade.

Whether you are a homeowner looking to do some house renovation or DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects, you will find that this saw has all that you need. And if you are a technician, plumber, etc, you will not be disappointed by the performance of this unit because it is versatile and flexible so that you can carry out common projects with it.

In the following sections, we have spelled out the features of this unit as well as the benefits to look for before buying. We also included the not so good things about this unit so that you will be able to make an informed decision after reading this review. Your job then is simply to read carefully the following lines and note the benefits you stand to gain from this unit.


  • The DEWALT Bare-tool DCS370B band saw has a cutting capacity of 2-1/2” cut capacity.
  • It comes with an integrated hang hook to for you to hang the saw without causing damage to its base.
  • It can cut through heavy materials with good speed.
  • This machine is a bare tool. This means that you need to buy battery and charger separately.
  • This tool can cut up to 2” SCH 40 pipe, etc.
  • This machine has designed to give you better ergonomics and balance that is required for making accurate cuts.
  • The DEWALT DCS370B allows you to change blades with convenience.


  • If you frequently cut through metal and heavy materials, this unit is suitable for you. This tool comes with lots of benefits, as it is cordless – it being cordless means, you can easily work off a lift or other similar job sites conveniently with this tool. In addition, you wouldn’t have to use a tubing cutter with it – and you know using that can even harm your wrists.
  • The handle grip and hook on this unit is also very beneficial. The handle is ergonomically designed so that it is easy for gripping while the hang-hook makes easy to hang your tool without causing damage to the base of the tool.
  • This tool is best for electricians and commercial plumbers who frequently cut through tons of metals. Not only does it come in a good weight, it is also well balanced so that it is convenient to use. Moreover, the safety features on this unit make it much more attractive to plumbers and technicians.
  • The DEWALT Bare-Tool DCS370B Band Saw is portable and very quick in cutting pipe. Unlike other models that take longer and harder to cut through materials as this, this unit makes that much easier and exciting. During our research, we also discovered that some users are very happy about this as it helps them complete their projects on time and with more efficiency than other power tools, they have used.
  • Unlike competing models from brands like Milwaukee, etc, this unit is much more efficient when it comes to cutting materials. If you want to do “one handed” cutting, it is easy and if you want to cut straight, it does an impressive job, thereby making life easier for you.
  • Whether you are a homeowner or an occasional user, you will find this unit efficient for all your cutting needs. It is going to be an investment you will be happy with as it is durable and long lasting.


  • Some customers complain that it does not work as expected. In addition, the opening on this unit is not very wide which might hamper the option of cutting big materials. While this is a minor con, you have to make sure these things will not affect your work before you buy it.


The manufacturer, DEWALT, is a leading manufacturer in the production of power tools and we were expecting great quality performance in this unit. We were not disappointed as it proves to be an improvement on the firm’s reputation. The DEWALT Bare-Tool DCS370B Cordless band saw reviews allows you to get through different cutting sessions with less fatigue and comes in an ergonomic design that makes the overall performance excellent. It also comes with an integrated hang hook for hanging your unit and a blade tracking adjustment that helps to loosen the blade tension, thus prolonging the life of the stock blade. If you are looking for an inexpensive power tool that is also durable, you will find this unit a better option than many other competing models out there.


How To Watch TV Shows on iPad Australia

There are a whole heap of TV streaming apps available on the Apple iOS App store. These include TV streaming apps for the iPad and the iPhone. You can Watch TV Shows on your iPad in Australia via a number of these applications. These apps let you stream on demand and live content straight to your iPad device.

How to Watch TV Shows on iPad Australia

Some of the most popular streaming apps for the Apple iPad in Australia include Foxtel Go, BBC iPlayer, SBS On Demand, TENPlay, ABC iView, PLUS 7 and Jump In. Read more about these iPad, iPhone, iOS TV Streaming Apps Australia.

foxtel go How to Watch TV Shows on iPad Australia

Streaming Content To Your Apple iPad

There are also other ways of streaming content to your Apple iPad. These include applications that can be installed on your PC or Mac that will allow you to directly stream what is on your screen to your iPad. An example of this is SplashTop. SplashTop is a great app that streams your computer screen to your iOS device. You can not only stream videos, but also control your computer away from home.

Another option for watching TV shows on the iPad is via popular TV streaming show websites. These websites let you stream shows directly to your iPad, like Youtube. This means you can watch these shows whenever you are connected to the internet. Examples include CouchTuner, MobileVids and WatchSeries.

There is also the option of downloading shows via torrents, converting them to an iTunes compatible format and then synching them to your iPad. Find out more about Automatic iTunes/Apple TV/iPad Downloading and Conversion with Meta Data.

appletv smallsize How to Watch TV Shows on iPad Australia

Automatic iTunes/Apple TV Downloading and Conversion

Streaming Apps for The Apple iPad Conclusion

As you can see, there are a number of options available for streaming and watching TV shows on your iPad in Australia. These include the variety of apps on the iOS store like Foxtel Go. There are also a number of streaming websites available, as well as the option of streaming your computer screen or downloading, converting and syncing media files. If you are willing to spend the money, you can also directly access heaps of TV shows and Movies from the iTunes library.

Software/Apps – What is it? Hands on with and Review

What is is an innovative tool that lets you post to a social stream, communicate with other users, browse ad free streams, it lets developers write apps and tap into social graphs and more. has a bare interface, with four landing pages. You can view your personal stream, which includes your own posts, mentions, the global feed and posts from those you are following. There is also a profile page with a cover photo and avatar.

On, you can post up to 256 characters. This is almost twice the amount as Twitter. You can reply to other posts and users in a similar way to Twitter.

Who uses it? isnt exactly a mainstream social networking site just yet. Right now, it has a growing audience, but Twitter is still king. is seen to be more of a community, great for bloggers and those looking for informative news streams and quality posts. has far less spam than twitter, has no ads and a clean interface. It is a great social network for those who enjoy sharing posts, reading new things and keeping up to date with the world. is still under constant development, so expect it to gain popularity in the near future.

Is it free?

There is confusion as to whether or not is a free social networking site or a paid one. Well, it is both. You can sign up for free and use pretty much all the features and still browse ad free, or you can upgrade to a premium account for some extra features. is also available for iOS and Android on their respective app stores.

The future of is an exciting, innovative new way of social networking. It works similar to twitter, but maintains a much cleaner user interface. A free tier of has been released and you can still pay for a premium account.

If you remember back in the day when Twitter first started, its first users gained immense popularity. This is why I recommend signing up to, just in case it makes it as big as Twitter has.

But the bigger question is whether or not this will be the case. Does stand a chance against the twitter giant? I would say yes, given the spam covered state that twitter seems to have achieved. Twitter is a great social networking site, but having used I can honestly say which I prefer (

Soon could be the leader in social networking, particularly among blogging communities.


Top 8 Social Networking Apps for iOS/Android Devices

Social networking is the biggest thing right now. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter or one of the many booming social networks out there, many people are in some way connected to the internet. And the best part about the latest smartphones like the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy is that there are a huge variety of social networking applications available for you to keep connected while on the go. Check out these top 5 social networking apps for Android and iOS.

1. Facebook

The killer social network that has taken the world by storm and even has its own movie about its creation. Facebook is the most popular social network in the world and is available for download on your iOS or Android device. Features include online chat with your Facebook friends, photo uploads, video uploads, check ins at your location and more. This is a must for anyone serious about their online social networking.

2. Twitter

While Facebook is excellent for keeping up with family and friends, Twitter has a more worldwide approach. Twitter is an excellent way to keep up to date with celebrities, popular brands, companies and so on. Furthermore it is also a great way to get your name out there and tweet to the world. You can also keep your tweets private if you wish, allowing only followers to see them. Twitter is available for download on your iOS and Android device, with features including iOS integration, allowing you to tweet from anywhere on the phone, as well as photo uploads, a twitter stream and even twitter widgets on Android devices.

3. Instagram

Not a fan of status updates but love to take a picture? This one might be for you. The app that has made a real indent in the social networking of the internet. Instagram allow its users to upload photos that can then be edited with a set of filters. These are no ordinary filters though. According to many instagram users they transform your images and allow you to create a neat and stylish collection of images. Other users can follow, like and comment on photos. Instagram is available for download on iOS and Android, and includes features like sharing to Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and more.

4. Pinterest

Another image based social networking platform. Pinterest allows users to create an online, virtual pin board. This board can include images from the internet or images you upload, and can even be linked. Pinterest users can create multiple boards with different categories or themes, as well as secret boards for those concerned about privacy. Pinterest is available for download on both iOS and Android, and offers a sleek and intuitive interface that works well with the Pinterest website. You can scroll through boards, share pins, comment and more.

5. Tumblr

Tumblr is an all time favourite for many internet bloggers, allowing them to create their own website within seconds and really customise it to look any way they want. Tumblr offers a huge range of themes and allows you to upload blog posts, images, links, videos and more to your own personal website. You can also create multiple blogs, manageable from one account. Tumblr is now available for download on iOS and Android.

6. Google +

Google + is slowly making its way throughout the internet, and it is likely that in the near future Google + will be an important social networking platform competing with Facebook. Google Plus works much like Facebook, but with a more community oriented approach. You can create groups, communities, start video conferences and more. The Google Plus app is available for download on both iOS and Android.

7. Stumble Upon

This one is not just a social networking app but also a great way to browse the net and find new sites to share and talk about. Stumble Upon allows its users to stumble through popular web pages and even submit their own. Great for those looking for some online entertainment, and a great time killer. You can also find some really interesting web pages, depending on your chosen stumble category. The stumble upon app is available for download on both iOS and Android.

8. Spotify

Not just a social networking application, but also a music power house. Spotify is a unique application that allows you to stream music online front the huge Spotify database, including pretty much every new mainstream song you can think of. Furthermore, you can turn on the social features of Spotify, letting you post Facebook updates and tweets about the music you are listening to. Spotify is now available for download on both iOS and Android.

Other popular apps include Youtube, Blogger, WordPress, LinkedIn, Digg and Reddit.


14 Apps Android Has That iOS Doesn’t

Here are 14 apps Android Has that iOS Doesn’t

1. App Lock Smart App Protector

App Lock is a great app that offers locking of key phone features, individual applications and files. This is a great app to keep things private and stop snoopy individuals from getting access to your secret files or apps. You can disable phone features based on where you are too via geofencing.

2. Timely

Timely is a superior alarm clock application that goes beyond a pretty user interface. You can set challenges for the snooze button to stop you from sleeping in too much, and you can even sync settings and alarms between devices using the cloud.

3. Flash

Believe it or not, Flash still plays a pretty big role on the internet. Apple will never implement Flash on iOS, but Android has for a while now. While even Adobe has lost interest in Flash, there are still circumstances where it comes in handy, like flash games for example.

4. Cover

iOS does not let you customize the lock screen. Android does, especially with apps like Cover. You can customize your lock screen so that it shows apps and notification depending on your location. For example, entertainment and social apps will show up at home while mail and work apps will show up at work. Pretty handy if you like a customized lock screen and definitely something for iOS users to be jealous of.

5. Go Launcher EX

iOS was a big update for Apple, changing the entire look of the OS. But Android users have always been able to customize the look of the Android OS with themes and launchers. Go Launcher EX is a great example of this, theming your Android launcher and giving the OS an entirely new look.

6. Locale

Locale works similar to the location awareness of Apple’s Do Not Disturb mode, but also can monitor battery life and turn off battery draining features when levels are low. You can set different settings for different locations. If you don’t need Bluetooth in a certain location, set it to automatically switch off when you reach that location.

7. NFC

Apple has never appreciated the potential of NFC and has instead gone for AirDrop. NFC apps probably won’t make it onto iOS anytime soon, if at all. Android users on the other hand can make full use of NFC features, like triggering certain actions in certain places. You can also share contacts and information, or trigger scripts.

8. BitCoin Apps

Apple recently got rid of a number of Bitcoin apps from the app store, annoying a whole bunch of users. Android on the other hand, is accepting the Bitcoin movement. There are a number of BitCoin counting and earning apps available on the Play store.

9. Tasker

Tasker is an advanced Android app that can do some really cool things. It works like the automator app on Mac computers, but for Android devices. You can set tasks to occur automatically after certain triggers or at certain times. Very handy for automating tasks.

10. Swype

You can’t change the Apple keyboard without a jailbreak. On Android you can download apps like Swype. This app lets you use your touch screen for scribbly input. It works great once you get the hang of it. There are also many other apps that allow you to change the keyboard layout and style.

11. Event Flow Calendar Widget

A great way to improve the Android lock screen, Event Flow Calander Widget lets you see your upcoming appointments, events, weather forecasts and more on your lock screen. You can also set a number of different home screen widgets.

12. DashClock Widget

Another lock screen changer, DashClock Widget lets you see the date, time, weather, unread messages and emails, missed calls, calendar events, battery percentage and more, all on your lock screen. There are also a huge range of extensions available on the Play Store. These include Facebook notifications, Feedly and even SnapChat alerts.

13. Aviate

Aviate lets you completely change the way you use your Android phone. It creates a whole new home screen that changes throughout the day and gives you the information you need based on the time, your location and other factors. This is a great app that can do things like provide you with information when you wake up, give you traffic alerts and directions, and even check out photos and reviews of local places of interest.

14. AirDroid

AirDrop lets you turn you Android device into a server that can be controlled from any web browser. Through a simple installation, you can do things like read and respond to messages, use apps, play media, manage files and more from the comfort of your browser. You can even take screenshots and use the camera.


ZTE Grand S Lite Smartphone Specs Review

Winner of the 2013 iF International Design Award, the ZTE Grand S Lite is an exceptional smartphone with top notch specifications. These include a full high definition 5 inch gorilla glass screen, super fast quad core processing, the Android 4.2 OS, 13 megapixel rear camera, dual sim cards and more. Read on for a spec review of the ZTE Grand S Lite smartphone.


  • ZTE Grand S Lite
  • 2013 iF International Design Award
  • Android 4.2 Operating System
  • 3G and dual sim
  • 5 inch display FHD 1920×1080 Resolution with 10 point multitouch
  • Gorilla Glass Screen
  • MTK6589T Quad Core 1.5GHz CPU and 2GB RAM
  • Google Play
  • Bluetooth, CPS, Wifi, 3G Tethering
  • 13 Megapixel Rear Camera, 2 Megapixel Front Camera
  • 16GB storage, expandable with Micro SD.


All around, the ZTE Grand S Lite is an excellent smartphone. With high processing capabilities, plenty of RAM, a good amount of storage, full HD screen and durable design materials, the ZTE Grand S Lite is exceptional for its price range. You can get the ZTE Grand S Lite from Chinavasion for about 230 dollars, far less than other competing smartphones with similar specifications.

smartphone Android  spec reviews smartphones android smartphones android


The ZTE Grand S Lite won the iF International Design award, and you can probably see why. This super slim and sleek device really catches your eye. A simple design with white and black counterparts that meet to create a stunning single form device. ZTE branding is subtle, while the 5 inch display is a knock out with its full HD resolution and strong gorilla glass. The ZTE Grand S Lite beat out over 4000 entries from over 50 countries to win the iF international design aware. It has been said to represent a breakthrough in traditional design concepts. With an ultra slim body, it has become known for this trait, measuring in at only6.9mm thin.


The ZTE Grand S Lite has a 5 inch, full high definition display made from gorilla glass technology. The display on the ZTE is tough enough to survive general usage, but sensitive enough to register each touch with its 10 point multitouch display. This top notch display will let you view all your photos, movies and games on in full high definition at a resolution of 1920 x 1080.


The ZTE Grand S Lite features an excellent 13 megapixel rear camera. This provides super high resolution images that look fantastic on the 5 inch HD display and even better when printed. The ZTE Grand S Lite also features a 2 megapixel front end camera. This tends to be a little on the low size compared to other models now offering up to 8 megapixels for the front camera alone, but this should only be a worry if you are into high resolution selfies. Lets be honest, not everyone looks great in such high resolutions.


The ZTE Grand S Lite offers a range of connectivity options, but lacks NFC and 4G. This is okay considering the low price tag of the device and is really to be expected. The Grand S Lite is a dual sim smartphone, meaning you can operate two separate phone numbers in the one device. This is particularly handy for business owners who like to keep their personal and business lives separate, but don’t want to carry around two phones.

The Grand S Lite also offers wireless connectivity, with wireless N technology for super fast wireless speeds. You can also use this device as a hotspot, letting you share your 3G connection with other devices. Other forms of connectivity also include bluetooth and GPS, each of which are built in.


This high quality device features a super fast quad core processor, the MT6589. This quad core processor reaches speeds up to 1.5GHz. Combine this with 2GB of ram and you have one super fast, multitasking power house. Considering the slimness of the device, it actually runs quite flawlessly. Apps open up quickly, multitasking is handled exceptionally and there is very little lag when a lot of applications are open.

Other Features

  • Proximity Sensor
  • Accelerometer Sensor
  • Light Sensor
  • Gravity Sensor
  • Gyroscope Sensor
  • Magnetic Field Sensor
  • 3.5mm Audio Out Port
  • 2x SIM Card Slot – 1x WCDMA/GSM, 1x GSM
  • Micro SD Card Slot
  • FM Radio’
  • Adobe Flash


142x71x6.9mm (L x W x D) at 135 grams.

Verdict and Price

For a price tag under 250 dollars, this is a killer smartphone. The winner of an international design award, high quality specifications and a beautiful full HD screen make this a smartphone worth buying. The slim profile just ads to its beauty.

The ZTE Grand S Lite is available from Chinavasion